Pasitos has been created to offer fun and engaging lessons for children of all abilities between the ages of 2 to 11 years.

Pasitos (Little Steps) is based in Bristol and teaches Spanish to toddlers groups, nurseries, primary schools and also in centres across the city.

For nurseries we offer the children an extra activity while attending their classes. For primary schools we run an after school club or during their lunch break.

Pasitos uses a methodology that makes learning fun by using various tecniques such us role playing, music, games, painting, puppeting and of course reading and writing.

Pasitos follows a structured but flexible programme whereby children progress through the 4 programmes over a 6 year period. There are 3 different starting points so children can start learning Spanish with Pasitos whatever their age following a programme tailored to their age group.

Learning Spanish with Pasitos is fun and based on real life situations suited to the interest, experience and social development of each age group.

Also the lessons are given by a native Spanish Speaker with plenty of experience with children so your child can start learning from day one by imitating a good accent.

Parents are given a record of their child’s progress throughout the years with continuous check-lists and reports.

And for the pupils, certificates are awarded on completion of each programme and plenty of encouragment is offered.







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Did You Know?

21 nations use Spanish as their primary language, and overall the language is spoken in 25 countries.

Spanish is one of the official languages of the Organisation of American States, the United Nations, the Union of South American Nations, and the European Union.


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